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candles [ˈkændlz] n.蜡烛( candle的名词复数 ) 双语例句 1. The only wall decorations are candles and a single mirror. 墙上唯一的装饰是几支蜡烛和一面镜子。 来自柯林斯例句 2. They had to conserve the candles now with wint...


l light the candles我点亮了蜡烛

sprinkles 基本翻译 n. 零星散布的东西;小雨;糖屑,巧克力屑(sprinkle的复数形式) v. 洒,微雨;散置(sprinkle的第三人称单数) 网络释义 sprinkles:零星散布的东西 | 思冰客


我STERIOUS名称 女孩看在地上。 “这楼是非常dirty.It是用石头和很难clean.Let的洗用热水和洗涤剂, ”苏珊说。 因此,苏珊和凯利洗石floor.Suddenly苏珊停止washing.She着眼于石说: “我不能相信this.There的名字这些石头! ”她的朋友来看看。 “...

Once when my mother's birthday came,we bought a big cake. We lit the candles,and then sang birthday song and finally cut the cake.

Eight - character xigui, is not suitable for ma xianchi; Should be pure and weak, should not be strong too strong, also with age. It is not advantageous to marry on the day of seclusion and seclusion. There is no marriage of fl...

There are __four__ candles ___for____ the little girl 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!


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